Simple as the picture is ,the author intends to convey more complicated
and profound meaning than what we may sense first glance . Therefore
,the cartoon dose demonstrate that…….For example ,the success of MaYun
,founder of China’s online trading empire_Alibaba and Taobao
,clearly/distinctly illustrates/proves the importance of ……in realizing
personal ambition and creating value for the society.




As we can see from the picture……,Under the picture there is/are an/some
eye-catching word/words reading:…….I have seen lots of comments about
……on the weibo and wechat ,the most influential social network ,these
days .There is no denying the fact that ……has stimulated a heated


It is not a difficult job for us to make clear the meaning of the
cartoon and come up with some comments that refer to the above
phenomenon . 做出批评并用if条件状语虚构升华。

有目共睹,考研Turkey语得阅读者得**,但是阅读很难提前希图什么,只好靠不断的教练来巩固阅读水平。作文则不然,它是有套路可寻的。作者广泛涉猎考研República Portuguesa语大作文数百篇,计算规律,写成考研Ukraine语大作文通用模板大器晚成篇,希望对咱们有赞助。


Then ,how should we solve this problem ?Here are some suggestions ,which
may be of some help .First and foremost ,the government should mate
relevant/related/interrelated rules and regulations to …….Last but not
least ,people should be educated to enhance the awareness of …….The
relationship between people ,I believe ,will be harmonious and our
society will be a better place for us to live in .